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Dublin Two Bedroom Log Cabin for sale in Ireland

Welcome to Timber Living, suppliers of quality residential log cabins for sale in Ireland.

Anyone looking for a  log cabin for sale in Ireland, should view the quality log cabins at our Timber Living showrooms in ireland. We offer a huge selection of log cabins for sale that are perfect for residential use.

The log cabins for sale in our Ireland showroom can be insulated so that they meet Irelish building regulations, which means they can provide not only a home for the holidays but also a home for retirement.


aFFORDABLE STARTER HOMESWood is a breathable material so it allows air to circulate without trapping moisture inside. This is something that can happen in homes built from brick and other materials. Wood is also able to keep heat in, which makes for a comfortable environment even for those who feel the cold.Scandanian style log cabins

If you are worried that a log cabin for sdale from us may not offer the warmth of alternative building materials, then think again. Log Cabins have been built for thousands of years and you will find them in plenty of mountain resorts in Europe and the USA.

So why not browse through our website to see the log cabins for sale or pop along to our Timber Living Log cabin showroom in Ireland to find out more.The log cabins for sale from Timber Living are produced from wood of the finest quality and we use the latest technology to construct log cabins that not only look good but can be produced at an affordable price.


PeopleMAYO LOG CABIN SIZE 5.8M X 9M + 2M VERANDA ONE BEDROOM call us all the time looking for log cabins, log homes, garden houses, garedn offices, and chalets. They are always looking for reassurance that our buildings are a good long-term investment - sound and reliable for the long haul. But once they come to our showhouses and see the quality of our log cabins and chalets, they are very reassured as to the qualit and longevity of our timber buildings.

When you come to visit, ask us to explain how the corner jointing of our log cabins and log homes make them superior in quality and reliability to any of the other products available in the country.


Log Cabins for Sale

2 bed log cabin with stoveAs well as log cabins for sale in Ireland, we also offer:

  • One Bed Log Cabin for sale
  • Two Bed Log Cabin for sale
  • Three Bed Log Cabin for sale
  • Garden Office
  • Garden Shed
  • Garage or Car Port
  • Barbeque House
  • Log Cabin Holiday Home

Whatever type of log cabin you're looking for, you can rest assured the Timber Living Log Cabins for sale are of the best quality you'll find in Ireland, built to your very personal specifications. And we offer both a low price guarantee and a ten year build guarantee on all our log cabins.

Established 25 years -

Over 2000 cabins built

We have been building log cabins, timber homes and holiday chalets for over 25 years, and there are over 2000 of our timber cabins and log homes in use in Ireland at the moment. So, if you're looking for a resifdental log cabin for living in in Ireland, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality built, log lasting cabin from us. There's a reason why nobody else in the business offers a ten year guarantee - their log cabins are not up to the quality of ours.