Log cabin bases and foundations

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Log cabin bases and foundations

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

You need a firm and solid base upon which you can build a long lasting log cabin.

Log Cabin foundations

A few years ago there was a very good Carpenter in West Munster who was hand-building bespoke design log cabins.  He was doing a beautiful job, using the best of timber and putting the finest care into the construction of the cabins. They were a sight to see when they were first built. Unfortunately, this builder did not have the correct base structure. He built his cabins on an array of blocks which are not property footed. Over a period of time the blocks shifted as the log cabins settled. This led to severe structural deterioration of the cabins and of course, the customers were very unhappy. The carpenter was soon out of business. 

How to build a log cabin foundation

Any reasonably competent builder will be able to build the base for your log cabin. Your base needs to be level and square and to specific dimensions which we will supply to you. Your base will be be 10 mm shorter than the cabin on each edge. Your cabin will therefore overhang the base by 10 mm all round. We also no run a base throated sale all around the foot of the cabin to throw water away from the base. This means that water will not pull underneath the cabin. this ensures that there is no fear of rot. You will need to put a Radon barrier beneath your base. We will supply a damp proof course which goes onto the surface of the base.

Log Cabin Foundation Specifications

For a standard, single storey cabin, we require a base 6 inch 804 hardstone and 5 inch concrete. (30-33 N concrete.)

If you're building a single room cabin, less than 25 square metres, you can place this on blocks.  You will need rows of blocks, maximum one metre apart. On top of this, you will need lengths of 4" x 3" treated timber, at 800mm centres, running perpendicular to the rows of block. On top of this, we need a marine plywood platform to the dimensions required. This platform needs to be level and square.

Log Cabin Foundation Drawings

We will supply you with drawings of your cabin so that you can determine where you want to bring in water and sewerage lines. If you have any questions about any of these technical details, be sure to give us a call.