How to Choose the Perfect Granny Flat Log Cabin

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How to Choose the Perfect Granny Flat Log Cabin

Your granny flat needs to be easy to heat, low maintenance and inviting. You'll get all of these from a Timber Living Log Cabin.

One Bedroom or Two?

Deciding on the number of bedrooms in your log cabin is an important decision, for a number of reasons. Of course, there is the initial cost of buying and installing the log cabin. And then there's the cost of furniture, fixtures and fitting, and decoration. (The fewer curtains you need to buy, the better!) Don't forget that the area available to you for building might be the main restriction on your number of bedrooms - no point in buying a 10 metre by 6 metre log cabin if you only have a garden big enough for a 6 metre by 4metre cabin!

Log cabins are easy to heat

Heating is usually a main concern when it comes to Granny Flats, and indeed, any log cabin we produce. "How can log cabins be heated?" is a question we often have to answer. Well, you can put most forms of heating into a log cabin:

  • Oil or Radiators

  • Solid fuel or gas Stove (with or without backboiler)

  • Electrical storage heaters

  • heat pumps

  • Underfloor heating, even!

From a cost point of view, heating your log cabin is easy. We can supply you with a seven inch wall, which includes a four inch cavity, filled with insulation. We also have four inches of kingspan insulation in the roof, and kingspan in the floor too. All of this is included in the price on the website. A well-insulated log cabin means low heat loss, and low heat loss means low heating costs.

Can I fit a stove in my log cabin?

You sure can! Have a read of our blog "Can I install a stove in a log cabin?" You'll get all of the stove answers you're looking for. We have a log burning stove fitted to our log house showroom in Boyle, with the flue going through the roof, but there's no reason why you wouldn't put a gas stove in, with a horizontal flue. Wood pellet stoves are alos a good option, with their high efficiency, and timer and thermostat options.

Additional Costs when Building a Log Cabin

You'll get a price for delivery, build and insulation of your log cabin from our website. (Make sure you give us a call and ask for our BEST PRICE!)

Extra costs which are not included in our price are, among others, the base (5 inch concrete base), electrics, plumbing and heating.