How efficient are log cabins to heat?

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How efficient are log cabins to heat?

Energy efficiency in your log cabin home is something we are all interested in, whether it’s for environmental reasons, or simply to save money.

Energy Efficient Log Cabins

Timber living log cabins are very easy and cheap to heat. From an energy efficiency point of view they are top notch.  Our standard log cabin insulation levels maintain a nice warmth within our cabins during the winter, and actually help to keep them cool during the summer. It is remarkable how cool your cabin will be in the summer even  with the dark roof cover. That’s because we provide, as standard, 100ml kingspan Insulation in our roofs. We also, as standard, include 100mm insulation in the walls. And it is very, very important to use kingspan Insulation in the floor as well. Some companies offer rockwool in the floors:  this is always, always a mistake. Do not buy a cabin with rockwool insulation in the floor.

Log Cabin Insulation upgrades

Of course, we can increase your insulation levels if you wish. If you’re going for planning, you will need To increase your insulation to 8-in or 200mm. We also improve the air tightness of the  log cabin building. We can give your new log cabin home an A3 BER without any problem.

Log cabins are cheap to heat

Once your residential log cabin home has been well insulated,  it is going to be as easy to heat (or easier) that any other type of building. (Are Log Cabins Easy to Heat Blog entry) The  function of any buildings envelope (walls floor and roof) is to keep in the heat, keep out the rain, wind and cold. a log cabin envelope is exceptionally good at this, as long as there is sufficient insulating value in the Fabric of the envelope, and that the envelope is relatively airtight. Timberliving  log cabins fulfill all of these requirements. So, whether you’re looking for a one bed log cabin, a 2 bed log house, a 3-bed timber home, or a bespoke design log cabin, you should make your first point of call one of our timber living show houses.

Timber Living Log Cabin show houses

We have show houses in Boyle, County Roscommon (086 817 0429), Carrigaline Co Cork (087 6464 280) and Tullow, Co Carlow.  Please don’t hesitate to call us straightaway to organise a visit.

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