How are Log Cabins constructed?

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How are Log Cabins constructed?

Updated: Feb 6

The most important element of your log cabin is the timber it is built with.

Quality Timber is the secret to a long-lasting, log cabin

Of course, the materials used in your log cabin are of paramount importance, we must not forget that the method of construction and the intrinsic design of the building envelope are also key features that make timber living log cabins Ireland the best quality log cabins available in the country.

We use only the highest grade Norway Spruce timber in our log cabin homes. This timber is sourced in Siberia, where the trees are 150 years old when they are harvested. They are extremely well suited to timber for construction  of log houses Ireland. Because they have a very short growing season, these trees have extremely tight grain, and and will not twist, warp or buckle overtime.

 The double-glazed, tilt-and-turn windows and five-point locking doors in our log houses are made of extremely high quality, and will endure for a lifetime.

Log cabin insulation

We use high quality kingspan log cabin Insulation in our log cabin homes. It is a common mistake of many log cabin installers to use rockwool insulation under floors. This is a drastic mistake.  In wintertime, at temperatures below 4 degrees, condensation forms on the concrete slab and rockwool insulation soaks this condensation up. Your installation is not insulation when it is wet. You have a cold floor or and damp problems. You must have kingspan Insulation in your log cabin floor.

Our  standard log cabin  insulation thickness is 100mm, but this can be increased according to the customers wishes or planning specifications.

Log Cabin Roofing

We use a quality pressed Steel tile effect roofing panel which is sturdy and enduring. these panels are quick to fit and storm proof. we have a cabin on the Aran Islands for the last number of years, and a very high performing roof on that log cabin. 

 Installing a stove in your log cabin

 There are no restrictions on the heating system that can be installed in a log house. Stoves with or without back boilers are straightforward installations. of course, oil and gas central heating systems are also an option as our underfloor heating and inverters. Just contact us at TimberLiving and we can fill you in on all of the technical details required.

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