Free uPVC Window and Door Upgrade for your Log Cabin

At Timberliving Log Cabins, quality comes first. And that is why we have joined up with Munster Joinery to include their Future Proof windows and doors in all of our log cabins.

Get Munster Joinery Windows with your Log Cabin

Why upgrade your Log Cabin to uPVC Windows and Doors?

We made the decision to upgrade to Munster Joinery Future Proof uPVC windows and doors for a number of reasons:

  1. We have always offered customers a choice in log cabin window types, including the option of going for uPVC windows and doors, but there has been a marked increase in the amount of customers opting for the uPVC upgrade over the last few years.

  2. The lower maintenance of uPVC means that our customers have an even more easily maintanined log cabin.

  3. Colours - the wide range of colours of uPVC windows and doors available from Munster Joinery means that matching colours to customers wishes is not a problem.

  4. At TmberLiving log cabins, our motto is "Quality First". We're quite happt that by using Munster Joinery uPVC windows and doors, we can still stick to that motto!

Munster Joinery Future Proof Windows and Doors

Our customers want a log cabin that will last a lifetime, and that is what we have been giving them for more than twenty years - a quality, easy-to-heat, low maintenance home.

Now that we are including uPVC windows and doors from Munter Joinery, we know that we can maintain and continue our reputation as the premier supplier of best quality Log cabins in Ireland.

uPVC, while more expensive than timber windows, have the advantage of requiring no maintenance over their lifetime. While our timber windows and doors will last a lifetime, they do require some amount of maintence every three or four years. So, while you lose the particular natural beauty of the wood in your windows and doors, we believe that they payoff of reduced maintenance over the years is worth it.

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