Like all good things in life, your log cabin is going to need insurance.

Your log cabin, like all good things in life, is going to need insurance.

But insurance is not a problem for log cabins Ireland. Most companies will give you insurance for your log cabin, log home or garden chalet log cabin granny flat.  Often, if a log cabin is built in a garden, it is possible to include your log cabin or granny flat on an existing policy as an outbuilding.

Can I get insurance for a log cabin
Insurance for my log cabin home

Get your log cabin insurance through us

Some insurance companies have not listed the building technology that we use in our log cabins, and so maya refuse you insurance.  But this is not a problem. We have brokers who are quite happy to offer you insurance on your log cabin, and at a rate equivalent to regular house insurance.  Just give us a call at our head office in Tullow (05991 81039) and we will be glad to put you in touch with our broker.

Quality Log Cabin Construction

Our log cabins are built of the highest quality material and methods. We are quite happy to give a 10 year guarantee on all of our log cabin homes,  because of the high quality of the production, the timber materials, and and the specialists craftsmen who build our log cabins. Most of our craftsmen I have 20 years experience or more in the building of our log cabins, so they are well able to anticipate any potential problem with your build and eliminate the issue at the building stage.

Experienced Log cabin craftsmen

We have a wealth of experience between our installers and our representatives around Ireland. we have been building log cabins in Ireland for over 20 years, so we have  come across (and solved!) every single problem that might occur with your log cabin home. so if you’re looking for a log cabin that will last and last, talk to us at timber living log cabins. Come and visit us and see the quality of our buildings.  Talk to our representatives and you will understand the death of our knowledge of the business. If you come and see us you will leave our showrooms reassured that a TimberLiving Log cabin is a long-lasting log cabin, which is easy to heat, easy to maintain, is long lasting, stylish and durable.

Call TimberLiving log cabins now

We have show houses in Tullow, Boyle and Carrigaline. Come and visit us at one of our Log Cabin showrooms and see the quality of your new log home. You’ll get all of our details on our Contact Us page.