It’s the cosyness, the warmth and comfort, that is the enduring image of a log cabin. But the big question is, how true is the image?

How warm are log cabins?
Cosy, comfortable log cabins

Are log cabins warm?

Like any building, the insulating value of the walls roof and floors, decide how warm the building will be, and how easy to heat.  if you’re lying in bed on a cold winter’s morning with only a sheet covering you, you’re going to be cold no matter what the sheet is made of. So if you have a log cabin that has only a 3 inch thick timber wall, you’re going to have a cold log cabin. (You will also have a damp log cabin, with black spots on the walls and quite possibly water coming through. So don’t buy a cabin with 3 inch thick walls.)

What are the best log cabin walls

Are log cabins easy to heat?

At Timberliving, we  offer double Leaf walls. Our standard build is a 45mm outside wall with 100mm cavity and a 30mm inside wall. This gives you plenty of insulation, as well as a very strong internal wall from which you can hang kitchen presses and anything else of significant weight.

If you are going For planning, you will need greater insulation in the walls and roof  of your cabin. Wall insulation thickness can be increased either by increasing the size of the cavity,  or using external insulation full stop this has the benefit, from a planning point of view, you of having a cement board finish,  which is often a requirement of planning applications.

Log cabin wall thickness and noise proofing

One of the benefits of our double Leaf walls is the noise insulation they provide.  come to one of our showrooms and here for yourself how quiet it is inside a timber living log cabin. Whether you are looking for a residential log cabin , a granny flat one bedroom log cabin, or if you have your own bespoke design log cabin we can provide you with the insulation levels you require.

Are log cabins easy to heat

 Of course, if you have a well insulated log cabin, there will be a smaller heat requirement. So, no matter what heating system you are using:  solid fuel, wood pellet, back boiler with rads, oil or gas, your heating requirement and bills will be very much reduced as you increase your insulation.

 Why not come and visit us at our showrooms in Boyle (086 817 0429), Tullow (05991 81039) or Carrigaline (087 6464 280) and see for yourself the quality of our log cabins.