There are many fans of log cabins Ireland. Log cabins are very different from your standard house, but the atmosphere within a log house is so comfortable, warm and inviting. When you enter a timber living log cabin, the first impression you get lasts. Because of our high walls, our roofs are higher,, giving our cabins a wonderful, airy feeling.

Living in a log cabin
Living in a log cabin home – what does it look like?

Our Log cabins are cosy as can be, because of the high quality insulation in all of our timber homes. You can read about the quality of our log cabin insulation in our blog here. A beautiful stove gives off perfect heat within a log cabin, and it is very straightforward installing a stove in your cabin. Of course there are many different options for log cabin heating:  central heating with rads, stove with back boiler, underfloor heating,heat pumps, whatever.

And the most important thing about our cabinet is the cost. You get a high quality timber home from us for half the price of a conventional build. Your new home will also be eco-friendly with a minuscule carbon footprint compared to block build. In these days, that is not a bad thing at all. It also means, of course that your heating costs throughout the year will be reduced. Another bonus!

Cosy, comfortable Log Cabins

Are you thinking about a  residential log cabin for long-term living? Maybe you have a bespoke log cabin design in mind for your house? Whether you are looking for or one bed log cabin, two bed or 3 bed log cabins we have a wide range of designs that at one of which is bound to be perfect for you you.

If you have never been inside a log cabin, you should contact Timber Living at our showrooms. We have showrooms in Tullow, County Carlow, (05991 81039), Carrigaline County Cork (087 64 64 280)   and Boyle County Roscommon, (086 817 0429). Why not contact us straightaway and make an appointment?