People often ask “how long do Timber Living log cabins last?” Its a reasonable question – we’re not overly familiar with log house living in Ireland, so the use of timber on the exterior of a building is something that concerns people. But we like to remind people, when asked this question, that
a). they make boats out of wood
b). every front door in the ountry was made out of wood, before the advent of PVC

Quality timber – that’s the secret!

We’re not familiar with Log Cabins in Ireland, but that is no reason not to consider a TimberLiving’s residential log cabins as an excellent option for your new home. What is a house anyway, but four walls, a roof and floor. As long as the right timber is used, your log cabin will last for many decades. Have a read of our blog post What Timber Should a Log Cabin Be Built With.

This house was built in 1926 – the timber is still in perfect condition!

Treat your cabin well!

What log cabin paint should you use? Well, you should actually use a stain, such as SIKKENS, rather than a paint. Stains let the timber breathe, so moisture is not trapped under the exterior coating. And ther’s a wide range of colours available from SIKKENS.
Here’s our BLOG POST How To Paint Your Cabin

Log Cabin Paint
Sikkens for Log Cabin exteriors

How often should I paint my cabin?

Log Cabin exteriors require treatment every three or four years. Once they are well-maintained on the outside, and kept dry (that’s the secret) your Timber Living log cabin will last for a minimum of 60 years. Make sure there is no soil up against any of the timber, and that there is no opportuinity for water to pool under your log home, and then there will be no fear of trouble with your log house. These rues apply, whether you’re building a one-bed cabin granny flat, a two-bed log cabin or three-bed log cabin, or your own, bespoke log cabin.

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