it’s a picture most of us dream of. Sitting in a comfortable sofa, by a log burner, in a stylish log home.

Log cabins, built of quality timber and well insulated, are very very cheap to heat. That is as long as they are well built, with quality windows, doors and insulation.

But of course you do not have to use a solid fuel stove to heat your log cabin.

What type of heaters can be used?

You can heat a log cabin in the same way as you would heat a conventionally built house. So yes, you can use a log burner or solid fuel stove. You can put a back boiler onto it, no problem. You can use a natural gas stove or boiler. And of course you can use an oil boiler – why not?
There are a lot of options nowadays with electrical heaters – wall panel, radiant, with all sorts of timers and heat sensors built-in. And if you want to be very daring, you can put in underfloor heating. Why not have an air to air heat exchanger built in? All of these options are endlessly possible.

If you’re looking at planning your heating for your log cabin, it would make a lot of sense come to one of our TimberLiving showhouses in Boyle, Tullow or Carrigaline to have a chat with our ever-helpful sales crew. They would be only delighted to help you with your decisions.