The bottom line with any log cabin is that it will be half the price of a conventional, block built building.

And TimberLiving Log Cabins will be built a lot quicker than a block built building, because most of the work is done in our high-tech, precision fabricating facility.

So, how much does a Log House cost?

All of our log cabin prices are available on our website, it is important to choose the higher grade insulation option if you are considering a residential log cabin. As we say on our site, prices do fluctuate due to the changes in timber prices. so don’t hesitate to ask for our best price when you come to visit our log house showrooms in Boyle, Tullow and Carrigaline.

High Quality Log Cabins at Low Cost

On top of the cost of the cabin, you have to include the following:

  • 5 inch concrete base
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing
  • Heating

Overall, you’re looking at probably €8,000 to €10,000 of an increase on our smaller, one-bed log cabins, or two bed log cabins. There will, of course be other costs depending on where you are building your own log cabin. You may need an ESB connection, and septic tank, for instance.

If you were going for planning permission for a log cabin, you will have further increases in costs in your log cabin. In order to meet building regulations, you will have to increase the log cabin insulation in the walls and roof of your log house. Wall insulation can be increased by either increasing the size of the cavity in the wall or by using external insulation. Planners may also require you to put an external cladding of cement board.

When dealing with planners never hesitate to remind them that the carbon footprint of a log cabin is much smaller than that of block built.

if you’re looking for more detail about purchasing a log cabin in Ireland, please contact TimberLiving Log Cabins and come and visit us in our showrooms in Tullow, Boyle or Carrigaline.