Log cabins look cosy and cute and warm. It’s one of their endearing qualities. They look so inviting: you just want to go in there and sit down by the stove and relax…

Easy and cheap to heat

You want a warm, cosy log cabin.

At timber living, all of our residential log cabins are very well insulated. We are very proud of the high quality of build of our log cabins. We use only the best materials, and that makes our log cabins reliable, durable and warm.

Easy and cheap to heat

Our walls are double leaf, cavity walls. Our standard cavity is 100mm and that can be increased if necessary, for planning purposes. In those cavities we make sure that we have the best available insulation. We use foil-backed PIR insulation, commonly known as kingspan insulation, in the roofs and floor spaces. This is a very durable, high-quality product that will last certainly the duration of your log cabin. Our windows and doors are very durable, double-glazed units, which will easily keep out Winter winds. All windows are tilt-and-turn, our external doors are five-point locking, and our internal doors all have gaskets (believe it or not) to keep the heat in.

Log Cabin Insulation
Well-insulated log cabins

Whether you are building a single storey or a two storey log cabin, and no matter how many bedrooms is in your log house, we can assure you that your new home will be very cosy, warm and easy and cheap to heat.

You will see from our website that we offer a huge range of log cabins:

  • 1-bedroom log cabins
  • 2-bedroom log cabins
  • 3 bedroom log cabins
  • bespoke log cabins and
  • contemporary designed log cabins.

If you are interested in a quality log cabin, log house or timber home you should contact us at Timber Living.

Timber Living Log Cabin Showhouses
Timber Living Log Cabin Showhouses in Tullow, Boyle and Carrigaline

We have show houses in Tullow, Boyle and Carrigaline. Please feel free to contact us now to make an appointment and come visit us.