For some people a log home is simply a place to get away from it all rather than somewhere for long-term residential living. So is it possible to make a log cabin a permanent home?

Log cabins – enduring quality, style and build

Everyone loves a log cabin…

If you have stumbled across this blog, the chances are you may be considering buying a timber home or log cabin for a plot of land you own or are thinking of investing in.

Many of our customers have identified a site and either don’t have the funds to build a conventional house or they simply love the idea of living in a log house where they feel closer to nature.

Living permanently in a log cabin home is actually perfectly possible as long as the correct level of insulation is installed and you fit double glazing etc. In fact many people have decided to build timber homes out in the wilderness or even extend living space next to their existing houses.

Wood homes with the correct log cabin insulation are actually proven to be better at retaining and circulating heat than conventional houses so they can be far more than simply a structure that provides a place to stay for a few months of the year.

So, whether you’re looking for a one bed log cabin, two bedroom or three bedroom log cabin, take a look at TimberLiving.

The important thing to note before making your log cabin a permanent home is to make sure you get planning permission if required.