There’s one quick answer – QUALITY!

If you’re buying a log cabin, you want quality – quality timber and door/windows materials, quality manufacturing , quality insulation,and quality installation. And most importantly of all, you want quality design – in the look of your log cabin, and in the engineering.

Timber Living Log Cabin Showhouse in Boyle

Quality finishing

When you’re viewing your log house, keep a close eye on the finishing.
Do all the corners match exactly?
Are there any rough-cut ends?
How solid are the doors and windows?
Are there any rough edges?
Are there any nice timber details (these suggest that quality is important to the manufacturer.)

Double wall, with insulation

You will need insulation in your log cabin- a three inch thick (75mm) timber wall is not sufficient in the Irish climate. I guarantee you there will be condensation and damp problems if you build in this way. And once that happens, the only way to fix it is with exterior insulation.

Rockwool or PIR (Kingspan) Insulation?

Always look for at least 100mm insulation in the walls and roof, if you want to keep your heating bills in your log cabin down. And very importantly NEVER ever use rockwool under your floorboards! You’ll get condensation from the old surfacec of your slab, which will be soaked up by the rock wool, and your floor will be FREEZING!

Wall Height

It might not be obvious, but the height of your walls is very significant to the feel of your log cabin. Many log cabins have low walls, to save on materials, time and money. But the problem is that the roof is lower, and the feeling of openness you get in a Timber Living log cabin is not there in our competitors.

When people visit our log cabin show houses, their first impression is always VERY positive, but often times, our visitors cannot put their fingers on WHY the room feels so good. Its because our roofs are high, and there is NO claustrophobia. You won’t get that in any other log cabin in ireland.