You may be considering the purchase of a log home but someone has put you off by highlighting some of the following myths.

Beautiful, low maintenacnce Log Cabin Exterior

Log home maintenance often gets talked about as a potential drawback compared to building a house from other materials. You will be surprised to find however that on balance, a log home will cost you a lot less in the long run and any of the following myths are as much down to people not looking after their wood properly as to anything bad about building a timber house.

Myth 1. Prepare yourself for a lot of maintenance work

If you build your house and follow the accepted building regulations and tried and tested techniques, then you can reduce any maintenance potential issues significantly. The exterior needs to be treated only every three to four years – just like any house!

Myth 2. Log homes attract mould

Any house type can suffer from mould, the important thing is to keep your log home insulated and double glazed while allowing air to circulate. Wood also happens to be naturally good at allowing air to circulate.

Myth 3. Log homes are magnets for insects

In the old days wood homes would have been vulnerable to insects but natural minerals are now added to the timber to keep pests at bay.

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