If you are thinking of buying a log cabin building for your garden you will be joining thousands of others who are catching on to the growing trend of owning a building that brings you that bit closer to nature.

Log CAbins scandinavian style
Scandinavian style comes at no extra cost

Log cabins and log houses have been selling like hot cakes because they allow owners to extend their living spaces and provide an alternative space to relax outside the home.

But besides their natural qualities there are plenty of otherlog home benefits to consider, including the following…

They’re quick and easy to build

A log cabin can be erected in a number of weeks, rather than months. They’re also produced in high-precision factories where most of the work is done, which reduces site time and costs. Unlike other buildings you won’t need to by lots of additional building materials and dig deep foundations.

Wood is excellent at keeping heat in

What timber should a log cabin be built with? Wood is a naturally breathable material which is great at keeping heat in and allowing air to circulate. While some houses can have damp problems timber buildings allow moisture to escape which prevents damp problems.

Scandinavian style comes at no extra cost

Timber buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for all kinds of activities. From garden rooms, to garden offices, bespoke log cabins and contemporary log cabins, timber buildings are extremely versatile and with heating you can use them all year round.