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Log Cabin School

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Log Cabin School

Timber Living can provide high quality, bespoke durable, easy-to-heat school and creche buildings to your organisation.

Log Cabin Schools - bespoke designs

Why build a Log Cabin School?

Why build a Log Cabin School? One word :


You'll get a quality, easily-maintained, bright and comfortable building for about half the cost of a conventional, block built structure.

Quick Build Log Cabin...

All of our log cabins, log houses and timber buildings are fabricated in a high precision environment, using the latest in high-tech timber machinery. This means that when they arrive on site, they are ready for erection. No matter what the size of the building, it is just a matter of fixing it together. So you can have a log cabin school in a matter of weeks, or a conventional concrete structure in a matter of months. Easy decision!

High-Quality LogHouse Materials

 There are many things that make our log house structures such high-quality log house buildings. The timber we use is Siberian Norway Spruce - slow-growing lumber which is hard and strong and durable - creating a rugged exterior and pleasant interior atmosphere - ideal for schools.

Sustainable Log Cabin Buildings

One of the most important lessons we can give the students of today is care for the environment. All of our log cabins buildings - whether you're looking at our residential log cabins, garden offices or schools - have a minimal carbon footprint compared to concrete industry buildings. And "going forward", their energy consumption is low because they are so well insulated and easy to heat.

Contact us through our head office (Tullow) or one of our showhouses in Boyle or Carrigaline and see for yourself how suitable Timber Living Log Cabins are as school buildings.