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The Widest Log Cabin Range

We are very proud of the range of residential log cabins and log houses we offer here at Timber Living. Everything from one-bed log cabins for individuals and couples, through to large multi-room cabins for families - log cabins for long-term residential living.

All of our cabins are built from the finest Siberian-grown Norway Spruce. These trees are up to one hundred and fifty years old - slow growing trees which grow strong, rigid and straight. This slow-growing timber will not buckle or warp, unlike cheaper timber, which some companies use to create low-grade log cabins. These cheaper cabins cannot hold a candle to Timber Living Log Cabins and Log Houses.

From Ireland's Oldest Log Cabin Suppliers

We have been in this business for over twenty years, and in that time we have developed the product to be most suitable for Irish weather conditions. Note our weather-stop strips on the exterior of our buildings, and the construction of our log cabins timber walls, which are designed to be rigid, and also to compensate for any movement in the timber due to the moisture content in the air.

Highest Quality & Best Price

You will not get a better log cabin in Ireland for the price of a Timber Living cabin. Actually, you will not get a log cabin of higher quality than a Timber Living Log Cabin - FULLSTOP!

The precision-fabricated timbers, top grade timber, and high-spec double-glazed windows and doors mean your cabin is going to be finely finished and enduring. The higher walls (higher than any other cabin hight available in Ireland) give a special air of space and welcoming, and the carefully-installed insulation create an interior that is welcoming and easy to heat and keep warm.

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