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Whatever part of Ireland you live in, you can visit us at one of our timber living log cabins showrooms. We are no more than 2 hours away from anywhere in the country. We have showrooms in Tullow, Carrigaline, and Boyle. Come and see us soon!

Our log cabins are very stylish -  built in a Scandinavian style that projects coziness, warmth and comfort. The visitors to our showrooms are always intrigued by the  relaxed air of our log home interiors. Because our walls are higher than standard log cabin walls, our roofs are higher, and that  gives a very open feeling inside one of our timber living log cabin homes.

Stylish Log Cabins Galway

Stylish log cabins

Everybody wants a home that is comfortable and warm. Of course you will get this with a log house from Timber Living.  Everybody also wants a  home that is affordable. Timber Living log homes are about half the price of a conventional build. After all those boxes are ticked it would be nice to to have a very stylish  home.  And we believe that our log cabins are as stylish as they come in the Irish market.

Well built log cabins

Of course style is one thing, but you need to be sure that your home is going to  endure. We use the finest of materials, solid double-glazed tilt and turn windows and five-point locking doors, the best of insulation and insulation methods, and high precision fabrication to produce the best quality log cabins available in the country. Walk through any of our show houses in you will not see one piece of timber that was hand cut on site. That is how accurate our production methods are.

So, whether you are looking for a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom log cabin, a garden office, wooden barbecue hut, wooden garage, or bespoke log cabin, please give us a call at one of our showrooms and we would be delighted to invite you down for a viewing. We have showrooms at Carrigaline, County Cork ( 087 6464 280),  Tullow, County Carlow (0599 1810 39) and Boyle, County Roscommon ( 086 817 0429)

Come on, make that call!