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North, south, east, west, Timber Living cabins are the best!

We are very proud of the fact that we are Nationwide suppliers of the best quality log cabins for sale in Ireland. You are never too far away from a timber living log cabin show house!

Log cabins Ireland

Quality Log Cabins

And when you come to visit one of our show houses To see our log cabins for sale,  you will be delighted to see the quality and Style available at Timber Living. In your new home you will want to feel warm, secure, and comfortable. Our quality-built cabins, with the best available timber, production technology and building experience, will give you exactly what you are looking for in that regard.

Eco Log Cabins

Our eco log cabins have a very small carbon footprint. This is very important to many people nowadays, with so much worry about the environment. The carbon footprint of a block built house is huge.  and of course, it takes months to build a block built house, while or cabins can be built in a matter of weeks. Imagine the amount of money saved by you when you have workmen on site for a couple of weeks instead of 6 months!

While log cabins are not the conventional form of housing in Ireland, they are fast becoming very popular. There are many reasons for this:  the cost of building a log cabin is half that of building a conventional build. That is reason enough in itself. But you can also have a very stylish and comfortable home that is well-insulated, easy to heat and very inviting. You will have many many visitors coming to see your new home, and it may be hard to get rid of them!

Why not contact us and organise a visit to one of our showrooms. We have showrooms in Connacht, Munster and Leinster,  so wherever you are, we are never far away. Give us a call at either Carrigaline (087 6464 280), Tullow (05991 81039) or Boyle (086 817 0429).  We look forward to hearing from you!