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Log Cabins Cork

We at Timber Living are delighted to announce that we have a new showroom in Carrigaline, County Cork. If you come along you will be shown around one of our fantastic 3 bed Tullow log cabins,  by Donal, our local salesperson.

As you will see from our show house in Cork, our log houses are produced to the highest build finish. Look at and feel  the quality of the timber in our walls doors and windows. You will not be disappointed with the work. Our log homes are produced in a high tech factory, where utmost care is Taken to ensure all timber pieces delivered on-site are produced accurately to the millimetre. In this way, we can build your log cabin very quickly. And short times on site mean lower bills for you.

Log Cabins Cork

Cosy and Airy Log Cabins

If you visit our show house you will see how cosy and inviting our log cabins are. The height of our walls means that the roof height is quite high in our cabins. When you walk in, initially you are taken aback by the spaciousness in the log cabin.  it is a very inviting sensation, and most new people who come to visit us are surprised by the airiness and comfort.

A Timber Living Log House is a great investment if you are looking for a residential log cabin. Of course they are a great investment -  they only cost half of what a conventional house would cost you period what's not to like?

Log Cabin Maintenance

ALog Cabins are very easy to maintain. Have a read of our blog about maintaining your log cabin, and painting your log cabin. You'll be surprised at what you learn.

If you are not based in Munster, we have showrooms in Connacht and Leinster too, so you will have a Timber Living show house within 2 hours drive, wherever you are in the country. Give us a call now at our Tullow, County Carlow showroom ( 05 991 81039),  our Boyle showhouse ( 086  8170 429)  and of course our cork showroom ( 087 6464 280).