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Kids Playhouses

Welcome to Timber Living suppliers of kids playhouses, garden offices and summer houses.

If you need extra space where the kids can go to play than a kids playhouse could be just the kind of thing you are looking for.

Our kids playhouses are built from timber so they can keep the kids warm and dry while they play even if it’s raining outdoors. The kids will love being able to spend time outdoors in their playhouse and no doubt you too can relax and keep the house tidy.

Our range of kids play houses are constructed using top quality timber and you can expect them to last well beyond the point where your kids are all grown up.

Kids playhouses made from wood are energy efficient due to the natural insulating properties of the materials used in their construction. They can also be erected in next to no time so if you order now you will soon have one ready for your kids to enjoy in the school holidays.

If you don’t want your kids playhouse solely for the kids we have log cabin designs that incorporate children’s rooms as well as multi room log cabins for all the family.

If you would like to find out more, please have a look through the website or visit our showroom to see for yourself.