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Insulated Log Cabins

Everybody loves the idea of living in a log cabin.

 they look lovely and cosy, and because of the wood material interior and externally, they do have a good start when it comes to log cabin insulation. But it is important that your log cabin is very well insulated. a single timber wall would never be good enough as a residential log cabin wall, unless that timber was very thick.

In timber living, we use double Leaf, cavity walls in order to make our cabins the best, most easily heated cabins available in Ireland. Within our cavities, which are standard 100ml but can be increased in size, we use quality mineral wool insulation. If you wish, you can upgrade this installation to a product called Metac, Which has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK. Our roofs also have a standard 100mm insulation, which can be upgraded if required.

Log cabin floor insulation

It is very important not to use mineral wool (or Rockwool) insulation in your log cabin floor. You're a log cabin sits on a concrete base. The mineral wool is in contact with the cold surface of this concrete base in the winter, and moist air will condense in your mineral wool on cold days. This will make you laugh insulation wet, which means it is not insulation anymore, and you will have a cold, cold floor or. It's important to deal with companies that have been in the log cabin business for a long time.  This floor installation problem is very common among the newer companies, who do not have the experience they need to do the right job for you.

Log cabin double glazed windows and doors

You will need the highest quality windows and doors in your or log cabin home. Make sure you get double glazed, tilt and turn windows comma and double glazed 5-point  locking doors. You need the highest quality windows and doors on your log cabin exterior, for warmth retention, AND security. There is no reason to expect anything less from a log cabin than you could expect from a conventionally built house.

We have more information about log cabin insulation in our blog, HOW WELL ARE LOG CABINS INSULATED?, and more related information on our blog, HEATING A LOG CABIN. Please have a read of these to learn more.

If you want to talk to somebody who knows a lot about log cabins, log cabin insulation and log cabin heating, please feel free to give us a call at one of our showrooms where you can talk to Valerie in Tullow, (05991 81039),Donal in Carrigaline (087 6464 280) or Conor in Boyle (086 817 0429).