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Insulated Log Cabins

Welcome to Timber Living, the place to find Insulated log cabins in Ireland.

If you are looking for a log cabin for residential or office purposes, then it is important to include insulation to ensure that it stays warm in the winter. Insulating a log cabin is not as difficult as it may sound as the timber already has natural insulating properties that can be further enhanced.

For anyone seeking a log cabin that will provide a home, aside from insulation windows and doors should also be up to the required residential standard to ensure that heat is kept in. It is also important that you have fire extinguishers installed and rooms are fitted with alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

You might also need to check that you have planning permission to build a residential log cabin in your garden to avoid encountering any problems with the neighbours later.

The great thing about log cabins is that they will enhance rather than detract from the surroundings because they constructed from natural materials.

They can be built to your size and specification too so that you can make the best user of your space.

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