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If you're looking for a log cabin in the Dublin region, you would make a great move by contacting us at Timber Living log cabins Ireland. We are Ireland's oldest and best log cabin company. We offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our products. We have been building cabins in Ireland specifically for the Irish climate and you will find the build quality of our log houses excellent. Just come to one of our showrooms and see for yourself.

Our log cabins are very easily maintained against Irish weather. As long as they are treated externally every three or four years they will last a lifetime. And they are definitely a great environmental choice.

 Dublin Log Cabins

Log Cabins Dublin - The Sustainable Choice

Log cabins are a very sustainable way of building houses. and the carbon footprint of a log cabin is minuscule compared to the carbon footprint of a block built building. And most important of all, the price of a log cabin is half that of a conventional building. All that style and comfort for half the price!

Timber living log cabins are very well insulated.  Check out our blog on how well our cabins are insulated.

Our log cabins are very easy and cheap to heat. You can use any form of heating:

  • Solid fuel stove with/without back boiler
  •  gas stove with/without back boiler
  •  oil boiler with rads
  •  electrical radiators (any form)
  •  even underfloor heating

We have a wide range of log cabins available through our website.  Take a look:

We have show houses in Cork  (087 6464 280) Boye (086 817 0429) or Tullow (05991 81039) and we would be delighted if you would come and visit us to see the quality of our buildings.  Give us a call now and make an appointment - you will not be disappointed.