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Bespoke Log Cabins

Bespoke Log Cabins

Lots of our customers want residential log cabins built to their own design, and we're always happy to oblige! The log cabins shown on this page are just a few examples of log house designs which our customers brought to us. They were so delighted with the finished design and so were we - so much so that we decided to add these particular models to our standard range.

Do you have a design in mind?

If you've got a particular log house design idea in mind, why not call into one of our showrooms in Tullow, Boyle or Carrigaline, and discuss it with our helpful staff? We will have lots of ideas about your log cabin design - window sizes, room sizes, verandas, wall thickness, insulation - and we're always glad to discuss the finer points of log cabin building with clients.

What size can we build?

Log cabins come in all sizes, from One Bedroom Granny Flats to three bedroom log cabins and bigger. If it can be built with bricks and mortar, it can be built with timber. And it will be cheaper, more environmentally sustainable, and have a much, MUCH smaller carbon footprint. And if you need some info on planning permission for log cabins, please take a look at our blog: Planning Permission for Log Cabins

All Quality Elements

Timber Living Log Cabins Ireland use only the best quality elements in all of the cabins we produce, from the Siberian Norway Spruce timber to the double-glazed, tilt-and-turn windows and five-point locking doors, to the quality insulation in our floors, walls and roofs. They are manufactured in our precision log cabin manufacturing facility, using the most modern, high-tech timber manufacturing machinery, so that there is no need for hand-cutting on site - every piece slots into it's correct position. Thus the building time is greatly reduced, and that means that labour costs are down - just one more reason to buy your log cabin from TimberLiving!