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At TIMBERLIVING, we're ready to give YOU the best deals in Log Cabins Ireland. All the prices on our website are approximate. Visit our showrooms for our price."
Our prices fluctuate as the price of timber changes.

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  • One, Two or Three Bed Log Cabin
  • Garden Office
  • Garden Shed
  • Garage or Car Port
  • Barbeque House
  • Log Cabin Holiday Home

Whatever type of log cabin you're looking for, you can rest assured Timber Living Log Cabins are of the best quality you'll find in Ireland, built to your very personal specifications. And we offer both a low price guarantee and a ten year build guarantee on all our log cabins, log houses and timber homes.

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Summerhouse chalets and log cabins to live in all year round 2 bedroom log cabins Three Bed quality Log Cabins Ireland Four Bedroom house Log Cabin Single Room log cabins Our Star Quality Log Cabin - unbeaten quality
Quality Log House Ireland

Our Timber Living Log Cabins are
Quality Built

Over the years we have developed the way our residential log cabins are built whilst always delivering high quality log cabins for our customers.

Whether you're looking for a residential log home to live in all year round, a timber garden office, a log cabin holiday home or chalet, a play room for the kids or an attractive log built granny flat, you will find the perfect one to suit your needs in our versatile range of log cabins for sale in Ireland.

The structure of our log houses are not built with flimsy shed-based, one layered walls, but instead are formed with multiple layers and insulated to ensure a quality, long-lasting timber building for you.

If you would like to find out more about our residential log cabins, timber cabins and log homes, please get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Our Log cabins for sale Background Our Log cabins for sale Background

Our Log Cabin Purchase Process

3 Bed Log Cabin for sale in IrelandWith over 20 years’ experience in providing high quality log cabins and timber buildings to the Irish market, we pride ourselves on making sure that we create the correctly tailored and specified structures to meet the specific needs of our clients’ loghouse requirements.


Therefore, though we allow you to fully specify a potential log cabin from our website, we don’t actually confirm a purchase or take any money from you until you have had the opportunity to speak to one of our highly trained and experienced consultants.


In our experience this is a complex purchase decision and it’s not until you have the opportunity to speak directly to us that you fully understand the full range of log cabin options that are available to you, and are able to finalise your exact log cabin specification tailored precisely to your requirement.


2 Bed Log cabin for sale in Ireland Hence our log cabin website uniquely enables you to generate a full quotation, but the final part of our process, before any purchase takes place ensures that you speak to one of our consultants who will provide friendly, professional and efficient advice relating to your log cabin quote to ensure that you are getting the exact product you envisage.


This can happen instantaneously, within normal business hours, or alternatively at your convenience by requesting a call back regarding your log cabin requirements at a time to suit.


Just select and configure the log cabin you're interested in, submit your quote request and we'll take it from there. You don't pay until your detailed specification of your log cabin is fully discussed and agreed.


25 Years Experience
Over 2000 cabins built.

We are the longest established Log Cabin and Timber Cabin company in the country, with over 25 years experience in building our quality timber homes. That is why we can give our ten year guarantee on the build quality of our log cabins for sale. Our builders each have over fifteen years experienxce constructing timber homes and log cabins, so they know how to work with timber and log cabins construction.


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